Saturday, December 4, 2010

PLN Final

After looking back at my PLN that I created earlier this semester I do not feel that my PLN has changed too much. I still have the typical Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Skype. I also have started using many of the Google options much more because I have found how useful they can be. Now I think about not only what I can do my homework on, but how I can implement google docs or google sites with my homework. iGoogle has been a great find for me because everything that I use is right there when I pull up the internet. As I have gotten closer to finishing my degree and closer to my first job I have thought about how I can use my PLN to aid in my teaching and make my job easier. I have also thought about becoming on of those sports fans that blogs about their favorite teams. I have always wanted to be a sports writer and this seems like an easy logical option. This will also give me a chance to reach out to others from all across the country and potentially create new relationships. I look forward to the seeing what other things I can add to my PLN that will benefit me in the future.

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