Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Post #11

First of all let me say that these kids totally amaze me. They are talking... like adults! I would have never guessed that these kids are 1st graders. It made me laugh when one child said that they wrote in their books, but they really like writing in their blogs. Another thing is that these kids are from Canada.

Blog Post #11

Should the U.S. re-think the way they look at education. This video makes it seem like these kids are far beyond American first graders. How many American first graders can create a wiki or even know what a wiki is. These kids are learning how to direct videos, teamwork on projects, and how to put their ideas together to make videos. Does anyone else find this a little crazy? And what is this... they are using their Nintendo DS' to learn? Is that possible? Would schools in the U.S. even consider the thought of using "video games" in their classrooms for education? More than likely not. In the interview with Ms. Cassidy I really like the part where she talked about how she has had several principals and they have all allowed her to continue the program. It really makes me happy to see that there are several principals out there that will listen to their teachers.

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  1. “Little Kids Big Potential” is the perfect title for this video. This is an awesome demonstration of a couple of important things about kids and technology. First of all, young kids are not uncomfortable using technology and secondly, technology allows young kids to learn tasks like writing, reading, and specific subject matter in multiple ways at the same time. Using computers for these students will be as common and automatic as using pencil and paper was for students 10 years before. Mastering these tools early on prepares these students for more enhanced and efficient learning in the future.

    As you pointed out, there are some principals who will listen. How would you convince your future principal to let you use these technologies in the classroom? SS