Sunday, November 7, 2010

C4K #3-7 Summary

I have really found that these comments on kids blogs are actually fun. I enjoy how the teachers seem to comment on every one of the students' post. In C4K #3 I watched a video that a student put together. I have forgotten how wild and crazy children's imaginations can be. In post #4 I was assigned to a student that posted about her dog. She even posted a picture of her dog. This student is in the 6th grade and I was shocked at how well the student wrote. The post was very well written and honestly much better than my writing at her age. C4K #5 the student posted on how they wanted to start using sites such as glogster to start following some of her favorite bands. This post made me happy because I felt like because of the student blogging and using technology in the classroom she was able to come across sites like glogster. In post #6 the student post what some of her favorite things were. I commented by telling some of my favorite things. Post #7 was a class blog where the teacher had posted the study guide for one of their upcoming test. I told him that being a student as well it was very much appreciated when study guides and other important materials were posted online.

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