Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project #6

In my results for project #6 I learned many surprising things. I sent a form asking questions concerning the parking situation at the University of South Alabama and if they thought a parking complex would be a good idea as some students have voiced interest in.

I found out that 18 of 22 of the responses I received were from females. 82% (or 18) of those that responded were part of the Junior class. This was an interesting stat in my opinion because I am actually part of the Senior class where there was not a single responder. By far the most surprising thing I learned in doing this summary is that all but 3 of the 22 responders have housing on campus. I also live on campus and thought that this number would have been much higher.

Not surprisingly however many of the students park in the south parking zone. On a scaled answer from 1 to 10 the majority (82%) of students say that parking in their zone was a 4 or higher (10 being the worst). 64% of students (or 14 of 22) think the University should construct a new parking garage, but when asked where the garage should be located no two people had the same location in mind. Being that parking is a problem and it is free at the Mitchell Center I was surprised when only 8 students (36%) said they did utilize this facility.

As seen through my form analysis students think that parking is a problem and a new garage would be appreciated. However, no one agrees on where a garage needs to be placed to help ease the pains of parking at South.

Response Summary

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