Wednesday, November 24, 2010

C4K #8-# Summary

C4K #8:

I was assigned to comment on a student from Bryant HS named Rikimaru's blog. In the blog post they took a picture of some big guns on a ship and made the picture in black and white. The student ask what we would name the picture. I responded with:

I am also a student from the University of South Alabama. This picture is awesome! I like taking photographs on the side sort of as a hobby. Black and white pictures are my favorite simply because of the cool effects it creates. As for a name for your photo I would say, "A Look From the Past." I just get the sense that because it is black and white it is old and way back in history.

Great job!!!"

C4K #9:

I responded to a post by a girl name Nicole. In her post she blogged about a book that she recently read called "Welcome to the Club" by Martyn Godfrey. In the story the main character is asked to help this new nerdy person around school. The new student gets the main character in trouble, but in the end they become great friends.

I responded with:
"Hey Nicole,

I am a student from the University of South Alabama where I am learning how blogging and other types of technology are used in the classroom. In the class we are assigned to comment on students' blogs from all over the world, which I think is really cool. The book you read sounds like an event that happened in my life. I was asked to help a new student out if they needed help. The problem was is that I thought they were really odd and we would not get along. Surprisingly we became the best of friends and still are years later."


In this post the students were asked by their teacher to complete an assignment through a blog post answer the three questions specified. Two were serious question related to the class. The final question however was just a simple question asking what they were thankful for to get the students to respond.

"Hello Kacie,

I am a student from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. It has been a long time since I have learned polynomials, but your response is very clear and easy for me to understand. I also totally agree with you. I am always thankful for the great friends I have!"

C4K #11:

I commented on a student named Melissa's blog. She posted about how her school had canceled for the day because it had started snowing. I responded with:

"Hello Mellisa,

I am a student from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I am 22 years old and all through school I can remember only one day that we got off for snow. That one day was last year. The crazy about it was that only about an inch and a half of snow and they canceled school. It really did make me laugh considering it was so little yet there were so many accidents. It continues to amaze me how drastically different across the world."

Yasmine's Blog Post:

She blogged about a picture of her feeding a horse and all the adventures should went on that day. However, she forgot to post the picture into the blog so we only had the text to comment on.

"I am also attending the University of South Alabama. We can't see the picture, but from the way you talk about the experience it is very obvious that you had a great time. It is always nice when you can get out and take a few minutes from the busy world to 'stop and smell the roses'"

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