Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog Post #12

Assignment: Look at this list of blogs on the topic of technology in the music classroom. Look at several of these blogs. Pick one of these blogs and find one article to give comments on. I recommend looking for a blog post that gives a few programs that can be used to aid in the teaching of music in the classroom.

Now I am completing my created assignment:

I choose an article from the blog be a techie. In this article the author Carlos Broos talks about some of the programs and new technologies that he used over the summer of 2010. The first product on this list is the ipad. He uses this in the classroom as well as meeting and conferences to take notes and show videos. He uses a website created by Dr. Joseph M. Pisano called Music Personal Learning Networking where music educators can share different ideas to implement in their classes. He list several more programs and sites that he used and how they can be used by teachers to make their jobs easier and a better teacher.

Aaron's  Blog Post #12

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  1. Aaron,

    That is a great list of blogs that you found, and I love that they are all about music. I feel like the arts and pe are sometimes left out when discussing education, so I appreciate you incorporating technology into a music class. All of these blogs look extremely beneficial, and I hope you are able to learn a lot from the resources you have located.